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# SPDX-License-Identifier: AGPL-3.0-or-later

import typing

[docs]class EngineRef: """Reference by names to an engine and category""" __slots__ = 'name', 'category' def __init__(self, name: str, category: str): = name self.category = category def __repr__(self): return "EngineRef({!r}, {!r})".format(, self.category) def __eq__(self, other): return == and self.category == other.category def __hash__(self): return hash((, self.category))
[docs]class SearchQuery: """container for all the search parameters (query, language, etc...)""" __slots__ = 'query', 'engineref_list', 'lang', 'safesearch', 'pageno', 'time_range',\ 'timeout_limit', 'external_bang', 'engine_data' def __init__(self, query: str, engineref_list: typing.List[EngineRef], lang: str='all', safesearch: int=0, pageno: int=1, time_range: typing.Optional[str]=None, timeout_limit: typing.Optional[float]=None, external_bang: typing.Optional[str]=None, engine_data: typing.Optional[typing.Dict[str, str]]=None): self.query = query self.engineref_list = engineref_list self.lang = lang self.safesearch = safesearch self.pageno = pageno self.time_range = time_range self.timeout_limit = timeout_limit self.external_bang = external_bang self.engine_data = engine_data or {} @property def categories(self): return list(set(map(lambda engineref: engineref.category, self.engineref_list))) def __repr__(self): return "SearchQuery({!r}, {!r}, {!r}, {!r}, {!r}, {!r}, {!r}, {!r})".\ format(self.query, self.engineref_list, self.lang, self.safesearch, self.pageno, self.time_range, self.timeout_limit, self.external_bang) def __eq__(self, other): return self.query == other.query\ and self.engineref_list == other.engineref_list\ and self.lang == other.lang\ and self.safesearch == other.safesearch\ and self.pageno == other.pageno\ and self.time_range == other.time_range\ and self.timeout_limit == other.timeout_limit\ and self.external_bang == other.external_bang def __hash__(self): return hash((self.query, tuple(self.engineref_list), self.lang, self.safesearch, self.pageno, self.time_range, self.timeout_limit, self.external_bang))